Make Believe Ideas
Ways to get Your Imagination Going

Suppose you were absolutely totally free! Suppose you were dancing on a star. What would the star say? What kind of music would you hear? What would you wear? Would you have wishing stars in your hair? What wish would they whisper to you. Would they tell you how grand you really are? And how many times you've circled the earth? What would the stars think?

Make believe you could move the clouds into any shape? What would you ask them to design? Would they be white? Or purple? Or another color? Could they have rainbow feet or little ears that hear all the beautiful questions people ask? How do clouds play?

Make Believe you woke up with the shy moon in your pocket.
Would you keep it until the next night?
Could it hum a song? What would a moon's humming sound like? What would it do all day?

How would you get it back to the sky the next night?

Make believe your carpet took your bed for a ride. Where would you go? Who would you see? If you could peek into the window of someone you love, what happy dream would you give to them?

Suppose every star sang a song. Which would be your favorite. How would they decide who would sing next? Would tiny stars have tiny voices and big stars have big deep voices? What song would they sing just for you?

Imagine you could make a word move through the air towards those you love? What would the magical word whisper? What color is the word? Would it dance through the air? Would it bounce? What colors would a happy word be?

Who would be the happiest to hear it? If you could be any animal for an hour, which one would it be? Who would you want to hold you? What fun things could you do? What color would you be? Plain? Polka-dotted? Striped? Plaid? Would you make a funny sound? Like a duck that purred like a kitten or an elephant that squeaked like a mouse? What kind of story would you write about your adventure?